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NOTE: This lookup only searches known public data breaches and other unknown breaches may exist   |  Data source provided by Haveibeenpwned

If you are concerned about multiple email addresses or would like us to check your accounts more thoroughly we are currently offering businesses a free businesss data breach assessment (of up to 4 business email addresses and 1 personal address)

What You Can Do?

The best defence against data breaches is to limit the impact it has on you directly. This is done by having unique passwords on each of your accounts and have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA also known as 2FA) enabled on as many of them as you possibly can.

Ashlin Technology Services can help with this, we are a Keeper Security partner and can get you setup with an electronic password manager, this will allow you to auto generate unique passwords for all your accounts and store them securely encrypted accessible with your own master password.

Keeper can also be used for all your 2FA and MFA needs and is perfectly designed to help businesses who might have shared business accounts multiple staff use.

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