Download Our Remote Agent

Bookings are required to access our remote support services. Fees apply.
If you need a remote support session, please get in touch with us.

Download The Agent For Your Platform

To download our agent please use a desktop device.

How To Use Our Remote Agent

Step 1

Download & Open Our Agent

Firstly, please download our remote agent from the links above.

Secondly, navigate to the downloads folder on your device and then open the “ATS Remote Support” program.

Step 2

Allow "Make Changes"

Once you open the program you will be prompted to make changes to your device. Please select “Yes”.


Step 3

Provide Session Access Code

Once the agent generates you a single use access code for the session, please provide it to the technician.

Access Code

Downloading our remote support tool does not permit us unlimited access to your device.
The provided code expires after the remote session is terminated and we cannot reconnect without a new code from you.